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10 Things You Didn't Know About Home Life When You Worked

10 Things You Didn't Know About Home Life When You Worked

1)    Your neighbours.  You actually get to meet your neighbours AND chat to them, in fact you might go as far as saying you feel a part of the community which has always felt an impossible feat in London.

2)    The amount of deliveries you and your neighbours receive (part of the reason you know them so well).  The signing for parcels and the pile up of cardboard boxes is endless…(yawn).  This also means you get to know your delivery drivers. Your Amazon driver is probably the one person that sees you most days and in all states; he actually chats to you and waits for you to answer the door because he knows you have a baby who might possibly be feeding/being changed.  Plus he has most likely seen your nipple whilst trying to do the breastfeed/answer door juggle! 

3)    The sheer amount of rubbish you create and the number of times you empty the bin. For this reason you relish ‘bin’ day...the pile up gone (for at least a day). However this does leave you with a guilt complex that you aren’t recycling enough but the sheer thought of cloth nappies makes you shudder. 

4)    Other than deliveries, it’s amazing to discover the staggering number of people who knock on your door each day… from salespeople to firemen and then the complete oddballs you know you shouldn’t have opened the door to (you then remember you really must leave the chain on the door when opening it).

5)    The infinite reasons you have to wait in all day, from deliveries to plumbers, electricians… you begin to wonder how you ever worked!

6)    Getting life admin done is SO much harder without access to work’s computer, photocopier, paper, printer, telephone, realise you actually need to buy all of the above.

7)    You don’t watch daytime TV. Ever. You probably don’t even watch or read the news.  You may however watch countless repeats of In The Night Garden and feel you know their lives intimately (Spoiler alert: Iggle Piggle is NEVER in bed!) 

8)    If you don’t have school age kids, you plan your daily walk after 9 and before 3 so as not to get stuck behind huge groups of slow walking children/teenagers who have no regard or awareness of you trying to get past them with a buggy. 

9)    You rediscover your local library and find there are in fact FREE classes you never knew existed. 

10)    The words ‘bath time’ no longer elicit thoughts of candles and relaxation but the last chore of the day to get through until a bottle of wine can be opened! 

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