Welcome to my blog. Flamingo, Nella & Me is a ‘mummy’ and lifestyle blog written by Francesca Londoño-Richards; the ‘me’ in the title. 

Hello, Flamingo here!  An Introduction to...ME!

Hello, Flamingo here! An Introduction to...ME!

‘Ahem, ahem’, Flamingo here everyone.  I did rather like the idea of having my very own blog but alas it was not meant to be.  However, I would like to point out I am in fact the LEAD in the title of this very website so it would not be right of me not to say a few words too. 

 The very day Nella was born I was flown into London in a wicker basket by a stork; all the way from the Caribbean coast in Colombia.  I was a tiny, baby bird back then, not long hatched and just a little ball of pink fluff (I am now of course much more grown up and wise beyond my feathers).  I have been Nella’s best friend ever since that day and we have spent many hours cuddled up together in her wicker basket.  We do both enjoy a good cuddle, snuggled under a blanket with a warm bottle of milk. 

 Since arriving in London, I have discovered many things including how incredibly cold it is ALL the time and I need to keep my feathers toasty by the fire. I have also discovered (not that I like to brag of course) that I am the most exotic bird here in Wimbledon, for the most part I have only seen rather common birds; town pigeons, magpies and sparrows whose feathers are not lovely and pink like mine.  Pink really is the best colour!  Although I do rather admire the pelicans in St James park; they can carry all sorts of things in their large beaks, they even took me for a ride across the lake – such fun! 

 Since watching the entirety of The Crown on the  most wonderful invention – the television,  I have learnt all about England.  I have grown rather accustomed to the great English tradition of drinking tea. A china tea set is in fact on the top of my Christmas list I very much hope Father Christmas does not break it coming down the chimney or I shall be most distraught. I do also very much enjoy a cucumber sandwich although it much better with some added smoked salmon. 

 Anywho, that’s a little about me to keep you going, I must fly off now, Nella has said we’re going to the park! 



An Introduction to My Friends!

An Introduction to My Friends!