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An Introduction to My Friends!

An Introduction to My Friends!

It’s me; Flamingo here again!  It’s been rather hectic at the Londoño-Richards household, Nella has finally learnt to crawl and I’m so proud of her.  We now have an even greater time causing mischief!

I’ve yet to tell you all about the rest of the toy family (they were most upset when they read my last blog post and there was NO mention of them – oopsie, one does forget these things).  When I arrived into the family last year, I joined a wonderful and slightly motely crew of toys.  My three closest friends are Gorilla, Rarty and Piggy who have really welcomed me into their fold. 


Gorilla is the kindest of them all

Gorilla is our one and only resident ape and he is the kindest of them all. Gorilla was the one who introduced me to The Crown; it’s his favourite Netflix show and how he first learnt to speak English.  This means he speaks raaather well, as Rarty says, he speaks ‘dead posh’.  The lucky monkey already has his very own china tea-set and loves to host a tea party.  His favourite place is the big armchair in the living room where he can normally be found sitting with a cup of tea and the newspaper.   

Rarty is actually ‘ratty’ but we all pronounce it ‘rarty’ with the extra ‘r’ as that’s how Gorilla pronounces it.  And well, these things stick!  He is our rodent rascal (you can see him at the top of this page) with a penchant for fast cars, boats and pirating.  He is fiercely loyal but not one to get on the wrong side of as you’d run the risk of being jabbed by his sword.  (Yes he carries a sword alongside a flask of rum – he is a little wayward!) He loves an adventure and sets sail at night into the abyss and we don’t see him again until morning…there are many, many tales to be told about Rarty but perhaps another time. 


Piggy is an expert muffin and cake baker

And then last but certainly not least is Piggy.  The cuddliest pig there is (he is a little on the portly side). Piggy is an expert muffin and cake baker and wakes up early to fire up the ovens.  He bakes us all individual breakfast muffins in our favourite flavours; milk for Nella, banana for Gorilla, cheese for Rarty and salmon for me.  As for Piggy himself, he likes an array of flavours (the sweeter the better!) including salted caramel, chocolate, whipped cream and hazelnut. Piggy has become so successful in his baking he is highly in demand from the cafes in Wimbledon.  He bakes all the cakes for Gorilla’s tea parties and the Teddy bears’ picnics and is often found behind the scenes at The Great British Bake Off(although I hear he keeps being banned for eating the contestants cakes before they’ve been judged – oh Piggy!). 

Oh wait, I can hear Piggy calling me now….ah he wants me to try out a new and improved salmon muffin recipe…ooohhh yummy! Right I must fly off before it gets cold… 

Hello, Flamingo here!  An Introduction to...ME!

Hello, Flamingo here! An Introduction to...ME!